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Ways to Avoid Scam Tour Operators

In day today life thousands of peoples are victims of fraud web services every year. Before booking in any of the travel site they are not thinking whether the selected service is 100% trusted or not. While most of the travel agents or tour operators are not fraud, but there are some travel agencies or tour operators are not honest and they are providing services only for making money. They will take money from you and run. Avoid tour operators those who provides fraud services. Make a thorough research to select the best tour operators or agency.

Whenever you are making travel plans keep some point in your mind. It will help you to select the best agency. If you have been offered a great bargain on a cruise or resort vacation, but you cannot seem to get all the details unless you pay the company first, it means that you may be dealing with a real travel scam. Avoid tour operators which do not suit your requirements. Check whether the tour operator company or travel agency is registered and it is a member of any professional association. Don’t select the site which is very attractive, may be that service will be scam. Research whether the service is having experience by providing good travel services. There are many eye-catching websites are there online they does not ensure the reliability or integrity of the company.

Go through the site carefully and read the company’s cancellation and refund policies. Use credit cards it will help you purchase tickets whenever it is possible, if you paid the money then collect the receipt for further enquiries. Beware of some companies who are sending a courier for a check, requesting direct bank deposits or a certified check. Prior to payment, you must ask all the details in regard with your trip and review the tour operators or agency’s carefully. Client reference is an important thing doesn’t miss to ask the companies about this. Request particular hotels and airline names, addresses and contact phone numbers. Insist on a local phone number if given an 800 number — this will establish that the tour company or travel agency has a central office from which it operates. If you are not satisfied with any tour operator avoid tour operators.

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